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AreYouSavedNow is my personal evangelism site designed to lead people to Christ and get saved. Everyone should seriously consider where they going to spend eternity if they were to die today. How much time on earth do you think you have? Statistics show a sobering fact that the longer one waits, the less likely one will give their life to Christ. Have a look at one source.

This site is designed to reach out to people who are truth seekers and are misled by false teaching/perception. Here you will see many good resources and Bible teachers to help you learn about God through God’s Word (The Bible). Please use the resources here to grow in your knowledge of God. My list of resources will expand to include churches and ministry from around the world.  I am not here to make money or to try to get you into a particular church. God gave us a free will to accept or reject his offer of salvation. Please don’t reject Christ.

If this site was helpful to you in any way or led you to Christ please let me know. If there is anything I could add a link to that would be beneficial to anyone, please let me know. E-mail address is (all one word, spelled out to avoid spam) areyousavednow at fastmail dot us.

Thank You,

Brian Walker